Why We Write: My 5 Reasons Why

Why We Write: My 5 Reasons Why

It is evident that writers nowadays have a large span of knowledge and medium which they use to create pieces. It ranges from being an amateur to being a professional and from writing just to express to making amazing works of art to earn. We all strive to be better at writing. We make sure we adapt to technologies in order to effectively and fully relay our message the way we wanted it to be shared. This almost always serves as our main goal in writing. But the different reasons we have, usually put a special taste in our own works. These reasons make us distinct from one another. Here are my reasons:

I write to track my progress.

Tracking my progress is very important to me. Aside from I know that I am actually learning, I want to make sure that I do not get stuck thinking of what to write, more often than usual, as I go through with my writing/blogging journey. Also, this is one way for me to avoid being repetitive and do more of what I haven’t tried yet.

I write to make a change.

I guess this one reason is often overlooked by many of us. I don’t know with you, but for me, writing makes me feel so powerful. Everytime I type, it feels like I am creating something new and maybe a bit compelling that would somehow affect people around the world. Someone out there will have a look on what I made and would think, “Yeah, same here” or “I have never heard of that, now I know.” Feels amazing.

I write to explore life.

Writing gives me a chance on seeing the other side of life. It makes me realize how beautiful it is day by day. When I write, I see to it that I have also read enough about the things I want to discuss. Reading helps me learn and explore more, which in turn makes me crave more and dive deeper.

I write to make myself feel better.

This, I guess, is common to people who write just because. I turn into writing when I was young to relieve my mind from crowd and noise, simply to give myself peace of mind. The things I cannot say, personally and out loud, I choose to write with pen and paper or through this blog. It is one great help for me to not hurt myself and other people, since I can carefully choose words to use and make it a lot better in sight. Not that it is already sugarcoated, but I guess it is better to deliver a message that we have thought about for a lot of time, than saying it out loud without a second thought. I usually call it, “wise words.”

I write because I love to!

This maybe, is the most subjective reason a person can give when asked why they write. Without a doubt, I write because I love to! Writing is not just a hobby for me, it means more than that. It gives me the power to think, focus, produce, share, and inspire just through meaningful words. I love to write because it makes me feel I have a place in this world. It makes me a better person, as a daughter, sister, wife, and soon-to-be-mom. I love to write because I can freely share my own story. And most importantly, I write because it makes me feel human.