Life with K.E.: 26th Week Update and What To Expect

Life with K.E.: 26th Week Update and What To Expect

Today marks my 26th week of pregnancy. Physically, I just noticed the big difference on my 25th-26th week, but I guess the health and emotional changes are those that I have already felt even during my first 6 weeks. I don’t know if it’s normal or too early for pregnant women. I think it may vary due to differences in our way of living, health, and other significant factors that may weigh in.

During my first trimester, I often suffer from headaches, dizziness, and exhaustion even by just doing the easiest daily activities I was used to. My body aches instantly if I stand too long or stay in an uncomfortable position. This change was the hardest for me since now I should consider my limits before doing any activity. Good thing that I have recently resigned from my office job. It helped me focus on making my body stronger and healthier. I had created a list below of all the changes I experienced and some noteworthy details during my pregnancy up until today:

  • First Trimester
    • Headaches, dizziness, exhaustion – it was harder for me to do daily activities that I was used to. I get tired faster than before.
    • More C.R. breaks – I feel the need to pee a lot more than usual
    • U.T.I. diagnosis – I still have it up until now, but currently planning to level up my medication to cure it faster. (This should be consulted from a professional)
    • More sleeping time– I don’t know if it was just me, but I really do get sleepy in any time of the day even just after waking up from a night sleep.
    • Cravings – for me, it was not just a favorite food. It varies from what I like to eat day by day. I can’t fully say that I went through this phase, but somehow I experienced longing for food more often than when I was not pregnant.
    • Mood swings/Emotional imbalance – I guess this one is common. I experienced being too sensitive on things that did not even matter to me months or years ago.
  • Second Trimester
    • Physical changes – this is when my baby bump became more obvious
      • Also, I observed darkening on some of my body parts
    • Feeling of haggardness and dryness – they say it’s because I am having a baby boy, I am more inclined to feel dry and haggard
    • Baby kicks – movements of baby inside my tummy can now be felt
    • Late night cravings – I crave more during the nights that is why I tend to stay awake until midnight. Unlike in my first trimester, now, I do not get right time and amount of sleep  as much as I should. But I am trying to correct this.
    • And still, Emotional imbalance/Mood swings

Now that I am in my 26th week, I am more used to the body aches. But I still see to it that I limit myself from doing heinous activities that could negatively affect my health. Aside from those mentioned above, the biggest change/adjustment is my outlook in life, since now there are two lives in one human body. My human body. I guess I can’t say that I have fully accepted this big impact on my life up to this day. I am constantly and willingly working on it day by day. My motivation comes from different people, things, and activities. But the greatest motivation I am holding onto is the love I have for my baby boy.

There is nothing more special than that, aside from what I am getting from my hubby and family. It made me learn new things, explore new sides of life that I was too scared to try, and most importantly, believe in something that almost felt too magical for me. There are still a lot more to go through, but with the strength that I am getting from him, I know that better days will come and I would happily spend it with him second by second.


P.S. K.E. is the not-yet-so-official initials of our baby boy. We haven’t figured it out yet. 🙂