Blog And Social Media Photo Tips and Ideas

Blog And Social Media Photo Tips and Ideas

Although I am still not in my A+ game in curating my own photos that I use in my social media and blogs, I still wanted to share something useful for my fellow bloggers and readers. The list below are what I came up as I go through different blogs daily. I read similar articles and made my own list to share.


The list of tips and ideas below are what I follow for my Blog Posts, Pinterest, and other social media posts (covers, banner, headers, etc.) but mostly for my Instagram account since I wanted it to be as original as possible.

  • Store props you can use for everytime you take flatlays or creative shots

Props should be prepared according to your own aesthetic choices, for example you want your photos to look more white, clean and minimal, then you can use white fake flowers (if you want it to be fresh, then by all means have it), white fur, white desk board, white pens with gold or silver details, or just by using your white phone and ipad. I used Pinterest whenever I need to find a suitable prop for the photo idea I have.

  • Make A Curation or Library of Your Photos Taken from before

Since I started out blogging really late, I already have some collections of photos that I can use for my blog and social media posts. I do not put them all in a library. I filter them out first to know which I can use as cover photo, background, pinterest pin, or I can have it exclusively used in Instagram.

Before, I thought I should only use current photos in my Instagram. I struggled a lot since I haven’t been travelling for the past months. I only stay at home to focus on my health because I am expecting a baby. As Imvisited lots of IG accounts, I realized I can make it look more like a photo dump or visual diary instead.

  • Visit other Pinterest or Instagram accounts for Photo and Flatlays Inspirations

This is what I usually do the most. I always have a hard time on being as creative as I can be due to my exploration limits. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. There are lots of pins and accounts that could give you an idea on how you can make your photos pop. Some flatlays are simple which means you can use everyday items to do it, some are complicated which would entail more time and money as well.

  • If you are struggling with the curation process, CANVA is your saviour.

I cannot stress this enough! Canva is the free app I use for my Pinterest pins, headers, covers, blog posts, name it! They offer a wide variety of layouts and fonts to choose from, some are free and some comes with a cost. But just by using the free ones and putting your own magic on it, will definitely work.

  • Editing apps I use (phone only)

When using stocked photos, I wanted it raw so I do not use any filter or do any editing on it. But when using my own photos, my usual go-to is VSCO. Wanting to try Lightroom for a very long time. Is it really that great?

Probably, I am the one needing some tips on this. Any ideas? 🙂



The tips below are what I usually use for my Pinterest and Blog Related Posts only, not including Instagram.

  • Have someone or a friend take photos for you

If you have a photographer friend, you can collaborate with him in stocking photos you can use. Of course, it would entail a cost for doing this but for me this is a great investment. Besides, all the pictures can recycled in any way you want it.

  • Use Stock Photos

If you are not your own photographer for your blog or you do not have someone to take pictures of you and your subjects constantly, this article is right for you. A year ago, I have already curated a list of my favorite stocked photo websites. But I guess the list needs an update and a more detailed explanation and use.

I use stocked photos whenever I cannot find something in my library that suits my taste for a specific blog post. My library is full of different subjects and colors, however I wanted my blog to have its own aesthetics primarily white and minimal only. Also, if you already accepted that photography is not for you, just like me, the list below will be heaven for you 🙂

1. Kaboompics

2. Unsplash

3. Pexels

4. Pixabay

5. Magdeleine

I hope you enjoyed this article! Wanting to hear your thought and tips as well. Drop them in the comment section below. Thank you!