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Top 5 Desk Essentials That Stimulate Positivity

Top 5 Desk Essentials That Stimulate Positivity

For over many years of studying and working at home or office, some of us have already maintained a certain look of our desks. A look that matches our personality and represents our creative self. We also have what we keep as our desk essentials […]

7 Types of Friends You Need In Your Life

7 Types of Friends You Need In Your Life

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7 Habits to Practice for a More Productive Work From Home Life

7 Habits to Practice for a More Productive Work From Home Life

Working from home has been a trend for a period of time now. A lot of people practice and enjoy it more than they do in the corporate world. However, before fully diving into it, people need to consider important factors. Being aware of its consequences, will help demonstrate effective and efficient ways to carry out work tasks. It is definitely not as easy as one thinks – laying in bed, looking at the computer, sipping in a cup of coffee, enjoying Netflix movies. Those are just the common picture people have in mind, convenience plus freedom.

Staying at and working from home have a lot of setbacks that may decrease productivity and creativity. Oftentimes, these setbacks are not given much considerations, which in turn affect someone’s work to fail or delay. So I have curated below a number of simple habits to practice in trying to achieve a productive work from home life.

  • Get up and start early

One advantage of working from home is you can be able to control and spend as much time as you want in bed. But oftentimes, it results to getting up so late and realizing that your supposedly whole day of work has been cut off to half leaving you only a few hours to do your work tasks.

Also, note that some are more inspired and motivated during morning hours. So if you are this kind of person, you need to maximize that time of the day. Along with this, if you get up early you can internalize and make yourself ready beforehand. At least, dress up or take a shower to brighten up your mood.

  • Eat healthy and drink lots of water

While working from home, some take advantage of binging on food that doesn’t help. One tip is you plan out your meals for the next day so you will not spend too much time thinking on what to prepare or buy. This will also help you to avoid disregarding healthy food because you still have to prepare them or buy them leaving you with the easy decision to just have the unhealthy snack you keep in your drawer.

Another one is, to bring with you a tumbler or jar so you can track how much water intake you already have. In this way, you get to spend your time to work but also, track how your eating habits is maintained.

  • Work only at your dedicated workspace

It is important for one to have a dedicated workspace. It helps a lot to keep you moving and inspired, making it easy for you to continuously be productive. Some put inspiration boards on their workspace so they can have a glimpse of it from time to time when they are already running out of creative juices.

Never ever plan to stay and keep working on your bed. It will only just sulk you up, drain you, making your creativity suffer.

  • Plan the day and prioritize

It is one thing you could do the night before or after getting up early. You should be able to know what you need to do versus what you want to do. Prioritize what is needed first before going through the list of the extra tasks. Overwhelming yourself with a full pack list will not surely help you. Planning the day, in effect, will make you stay organized and focused.

  • Avoid distractions

It is not as easy as we say avoiding distractions nowadays. Social media has been an important part of our everyday lives. It also has been beneficial for most of us to carry out our work tasks. However, if we do not control these distractions, it will definitely rule over us.

One tip is to put your device in airplane mode only if you will not be needing any application to work on wifi or cellular data. Also, put all applications in one folder. It helps on not tempting yourself to open other applications since you can just see those that are needed.

If you really cannot avoid using them, then just make them part of the plan. Allot more time for applications you use for productivity, business, or work and have at least a minute for the applications you use for entertainment or during your break. Maintaining a social life is also a relevant tip.

  • Reward yourself

How do you reward yourself after a successful work day? Maybe you are forgetting this very important item in the list. You have to feel fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the day. Do not be hard on yourself too much. Reward yourself by having a rule or curfew to a hard stop at 5/6/7pm and follow it, or by having your favorite drink or wine at night. Simple rewards that could make you look forward to your next work from home day should not be neglected.

  • Get a good night of sleep

Having a good night of sleep will help you be mentally and physically prepared for the next day. You have to know when to stop to not find yourself still working after your dedicated work hours and draining your mind and body. Good night of sleep is equal to inhibiting peace of mind and clearer vision on the next work days you look forward to.


These habits may or may not be applicable to some. But having a list like this, will surely align you on the path you initially prepared for and will make you realize that achieving productivitiy when working from home is actually bearable and possible.

Do you have any other habits or tips in mind? 🙂

Blog And Social Media Photo Tips and Ideas

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